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1. Landscaping
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Pacific Construction & Design does much more than just interior remodeling.  We have professional landscape designers on staff waiting to turn your yard into the yard of your dreams.  Whether you want ...
2. 3D
Check out the 3D being done for current projects that our customers are raving about! After discussing your project and vision with your designer, our artists build 3D models of what your dream project ...
3. Foundation Bolting
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... This creates a serious structural weakness that can allow your home to slide off its foundation during an earthquake. The mud sill should be bolted down to the foundation to prevent serious earthquake ...
4. What is Hardscaping?
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... meet your budget. There are options for the most meager budget to the unlimited budget. Stamped Concrete is the process of adding texture and color to concrete to make it resemble stone, brick, slate, ...
5. Solar Panels
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... sun emits solar rays that can be collected by your solar panels. These solar panels send electrical currents to your home power inverter. From your inverter, the electrical current is sent to your power ...
Since most of our free time is spent in the sweetness of our home, our home is a really dangerous place. One of the most dangerous rooms is your bathroom. Anything can happen in the bathroom. You can slip ...
7. 10 Contractor Tips
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Make sure you follow these 10 tips when choosing your contractor: 1. Hire only state-licensed contractors. 2. Get three references from each bidder and review past work 3. Make sure all project expectations ...
8. Blog Post 4
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This is the fun part. When you design your kitchen, you get to exercise your creative muscle while your house is still clean and in one piece. For ease of movement, plan your kitchen workflow around the ...
9. Blog Post 3
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... determined homeowner. On the other hand, a fine kitchen remodel instantly raises the value of your home and provides a more effective cooking space. Before beginning this tough-but-rewarding project, ask ...
10. Blog Post 1
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... for bathroom remodeling and decide if this is something you think you want to go through. 2. Finance Your Bathroom Remodel Bathroom remodeling is expensive. Bathroom remodeling costs typically range ...
11. Foundation Replacement
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Servicing your foundation Sometimes you do not need a new foundation, but you have breaks in your foundation due to prior earth movement, age or even poor drainage. Left unchecked and uncorrected, these ...
12. Privacy Policy
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What information do we collect? We collect information from you when you fill out a form. When ordering or registering on our site, as appropriate, you may be asked to enter your: name, e-mail address ...
13. Other Services
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... a professional relationship with each homeowner as we consider all their options while we work together on your project with on-site project managers. We provide superior workmanship with a top-notch staff. ...
14. Fencing
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... of styles and colors to meet your exact requirements.   We can also install self-closing gates with keypad locks for added safety around your swimming pool.   Solid Board Wood Fences add finishing ...
15. Energy Efficient
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... for 30% of the cost, up to $1,500 for improvements "placed in service" starting January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2010 in your home.   Some of the products that will help to make your home energy ...
16. Roofing
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... appropriate for your roof. Our extensive knowledge of roofing applications along with our numerous years of experience enables us to provide our customers with dependable quality service at an affordable ...
17. Windows and Doors
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Windows provide view, light, ventilation, and solar heating in the winter. Windows can be one of your home's most attractive features. Unfortunately, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, they can ...
18. Patios Covers-Enclosures
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When thinking how you can enjoy more of your home, and take advantage of your living space, patio covers are a great way to go. Due to the variety of materials and types you can choose from, patio covers ...
19. Plumbing-Electrical
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Whether it is re-piping or new plumbing for your new kitchen or bath, nothing in your home can be more frustrating than bad plumbing. Re-wiring or running dedicated lines for your new appliances may ...
20. Decks-Outdoor Rooms
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... view of your garden.  ...

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