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1. Foundation Bolting
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... the forms are stripped off and all the surrounding dirt is replaced. After all these steps, your home is nice and sturdy. One other option to foundation replacement is building a sister foundation. When ...
2. Solar Panels
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... sun emits solar rays that can be collected by your solar panels. These solar panels send electrical currents to your home power inverter. From your inverter, the electrical current is sent to your power ...
... the scald burn injuries occurred people’s homes, of these, 52.1% occurred in the bathroom and the most common victims are children. 3. And even such thing as electrocution can happen to us just because ...
4. 10 Contractor Tips
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Make sure you follow these 10 tips when choosing your contractor: 1. Hire only state-licensed contractors. 2. Get three references from each bidder and review past work 3. Make sure all project expectations ...
5. Blog Post 4
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... Design Packages: Available at bookstores, these kits have cardboard punch-outs representing cabinets and appliances. Placing punch-outs on a kitchen grid helps you realistically view your available space. ...
6. Foundation Replacement
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Servicing your foundation Sometimes you do not need a new foundation, but you have breaks in your foundation due to prior earth movement, age or even poor drainage. Left unchecked and uncorrected, these ...
7. Fencing
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... Ornamental Aluminum Fence provides you with security, great looks and years of durability.   These fences are polyester powder-coated, maintenance free and non-corrosive. They are available in a variety ...
8. Room Additions
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... is affected by these numerous considerations. Room Additions come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. In fact, they are much like people; they can be plain and simple or exceptionally extravagant. Constructing ...
9. Kitchen Remodeling
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... hardwood flooring?   Pacific Construction can help you re-design your kitchen by combining every day needs with beautiful design and craftsmanship. One or more of these combinations will create the ...
10. Verna Pasadena
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... with less than modern amenities or road trip at sleazy motels. When I partake in such activities I am aware that these bathing facilities often rival if not better my own. At some point I began to worry ...

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