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1. Landscaping
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... to pave your yard with beautiful stamped concrete or looking to add some greenery, Pacific Construction & Design can do it all.  ...
2. Foundation Bolting
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... removing the weight off of the unsafe section. Below are some pictures of a foundation repair job in Los Angeles area. Earthquake Retrofitting California Retrofitting is a process that ties a home ...
3. What is Hardscaping?
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... the project BBegins be prepared to give some thought to the surface of the surrounding area you would like to renovate or create. From either a Gray Concrete Slab, to the options of surface colors, textures, ...
4. Solar Panels
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... solar cells -- devices that never need batteries and in some cases don't even have an off button. As long as there's enough light, they seem to work forever. On a bright sunny day, the sun's rays give ...
5. Blog Post 1
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... for bathroom remodeling and decide if this is something you think you want to go through. 2. Finance Your Bathroom Remodel Bathroom remodeling is expensive. Bathroom remodeling costs typically range ...
6. Foundation Replacement
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Servicing your foundation Sometimes you do not need a new foundation, but you have breaks in your foundation due to prior earth movement, age or even poor drainage. Left unchecked and uncorrected, these ...
7. Energy Efficient
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... for 30% of the cost, up to $1,500 for improvements "placed in service" starting January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2010 in your home.   Some of the products that will help to make your home energy ...
8. Interior Painting
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... while providing you with the best. Communication with your project manager is essential during an interior paint job. Transform any room in your house by adding some color and design or perhaps a custom-textured ...
9. Bathroom Remodeling
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Dreaming of adding some comfort and style to your bathroom? Some luxury using marble countertops? Porcelain tile for your floors? A soothing Jacuzzi or Jet tub to relax after a long stressful day?  ...
... can result in you paying twice or, in some cases, losing your home in foreclosure. Check the “Notice to Owner” for ways to protect yourself. If there should be any additions or changes to the contract, ...
11. Lead Paint
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... to paint to speed drying, increase durability, retain a fresh appearance, and resist moisture that causes corrosion. However it is one of the major health and environmental issues with paint. In some countries ...
12. Verna Pasadena
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... with less than modern amenities or road trip at sleazy motels. When I partake in such activities I am aware that these bathing facilities often rival if not better my own. At some point I began to worry ...
13. Verna Mendel
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VERNA MENDEL "If you want something done right, do it yourself" That, or you can hire TLC. In actuality they did a better job than I could ever have dreamed of doing myself. My project manager Steve ...
14. Ohloh Tracking of Joomla!
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Objective reports from Ohloh about Joomla's development activity. Joomla! has some star developers with serious kudos. ...

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