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1. What is Hardscaping?
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... or Stone Cut Textures from Europe can all be replicated with Durability & Strength that will last for many years. Most Hardscape enhancements add value to the home and improve the surroundings. Before ...
Since most of our free time is spent in the sweetness of our home, our home is a really dangerous place. One of the most dangerous rooms is your bathroom. Anything can happen in the bathroom. You can slip ...
3. Blog Post 4
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... classic kitchen triangle. While you have an almost infinite range of possibilities, you may want to utilize one of the five basic kitchen design plans, such as: The One-Wall Design The ...
4. Blog Post 3
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  Unlike any other home remodeling project, kitchen renovation encompasses so many things--from the raw to the sublime, from the picayune to the important--that it can easily overwhelm even the most ...
5. Blog Post 1
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... from $15,000 to $18,000 just for a basic, functional remodel.  Even though most bathrooms are small, the cost comes from the intensive amount of sub-contracting you may have to do (i.e. plumbers, electricians) ...
6. Foundation Replacement
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... been badly deteriorated over the years. In most cases you can live in your home while Julian Construction, Inc. installs your new foundation, and we also offer 0% interest, if you need to finance your ...
7. Windows and Doors
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Windows provide view, light, ventilation, and solar heating in the winter. Windows can be one of your home's most attractive features. Unfortunately, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, they can ...
8. Interior Painting
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... furnishings, flooring, windows, and any other items in your home are protected, covered and handled with the utmost care. Pacific Construction will make sure to make this process as clean as possible, ...
... put it in writing. This will prevent any disputes that may arise. Five of the most dangerous things in your home: Since most of our free time is spent in the sweetness of our home, our home is a ...
10. Lead Paint
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What is LEAD PAINT? Lead paint or lead-based paint is paint containing lead, a heavy metal, which is used as pigment, with lead chromate and lead carbonate being the most common. Lead is also added ...
11. Exterior Painting Hazards
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Most paints  have chemicals that if not properly stored, used and disposed of correctly can cause harm to one’s health and environment. The biggest hazard of exterior painting comes from homes built ...
12. Verna Pasadena
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... which had been missing from my walls were put in, keeps the bathroom almost silent. I can no longer hear the rebellious teenagers next door lob death threats to their parents while taking a shower. The ...

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