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1. What is Hardscaping?
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... are considered to be Hardscape Applications that have long been used for outdoor Surroundings such as Pools, Patios, Driveways, Entryways and Walkways. Surfaces such as Italian Roads, Roman Walkways, ...
2. Solar Panels
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... utilize this unique system and have it done right the first time. Serving the Southern California community Pacific Construction has been helping homeowners since 1986. Download solar presentation ...
3. Blog Post 1
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... a pre-fabricated acrylic or fiberglass shower/tub. Pre-fab shower/tubs need no on-site building, because they have been fabricated in the factory - though make sure that you do not buy any unit too big ...
4. Foundation Replacement
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... been badly deteriorated over the years. In most cases you can live in your home while Julian Construction, Inc. installs your new foundation, and we also offer 0% interest, if you need to finance your ...
5. Other Services
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... remodelling, room additions, exterior landscape, and much more! Since 1986, we have been serving the Los Angeles and Orange County Areas by demonstrating our commitment to excellence. We strive to build ...
6. Plumbing-Electrical
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... be more dangerous than hiring the wrong contractor to do your job. Pacific Construction has been the leading contractor in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas since we opened in 1986. We take extra ...
7. Decks-Outdoor Rooms
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It’s been a long time tradition that the favorite hangout spots in the home have been the kitchen and family room. More homeowners are now bringing all the comforts of their favorite indoor rooms to the ...
8. Driveways and Walkways
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... driveway with a walkway can compliment your home and landscaping design. Add accent lighting to showcase it all. Pacific Construction has been helping homeowners like you create the right driveway and ...
9. About Us
(About TLC/The TLC)
Who is Pacific Construction ? For over 30 years Pacific Construction has been in the forefront of the home remodeling industry serving the San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles areas. We have built our ...
Thank you for considering Pacific Construction & Design for your home remodeling projects. We have been providing our services in the Bay Area and Los Angeles areas since 1986. We believe that your ...
11. Lead Paint
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... paints today is often coated with silicon or aluminum oxides for better durability. Titanium white has been criticized for leading to "chalkiness" when mixed with colors, and the possibility of decreased ...
12. Exterior Painting Hazards
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... a reptile’s skin) Efflorenscence (salt deposits that bubble through the paint film). Chalking (paint pigment released by the paint binders which have been broken down by exposure to the weather). Sagging ...
13. Verna Pasadena
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... which had been missing from my walls were put in, keeps the bathroom almost silent. I can no longer hear the rebellious teenagers next door lob death threats to their parents while taking a shower. The ...
14. Verna Mendel
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... a CD with hundreds of photos from before/during/after the project. I was so entirely impressed on what an awesome job they did I immediately hired them to remodel my bathroom. Something I had been putting ...

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